7 Hosting Options for International Websites

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Check out the selection of the 7 best international website hosting companies, I used the evaluation of bbb.org as a criterion (international website that evaluates companies from all sectors), in addition to the satisfaction guarantee period (money back), 24× support 7 and high uptime.

7 International Web Hosting Companies

1 – SiteGround


About: Founded in 2004 by some college friends, SiteGround has gradually but steadily grown into a leading international website hosting service provider.

With just a handful of people working from their university dorms at the start, today the company has over 400 employees and is constantly growing.

We process more than 1500 tickets, more than 1000 phone calls and more than 3000 chat requests per day. We proudly host over 1,600,000 domains with that number growing by the hour.

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2 – Bluehost


About: Bluehost is a leading provider of web hosting solutions. Since our founding in 2003, Bluehost has continually innovated new ways to fulfill our mission: empowering people to fully enjoy the web.

Headquartered in Orem, Utah, we provide comprehensive tools to millions of users worldwide so that anyone, beginner or professional, can get on the web and thrive with our web hosting packages. We believe in WordPress and our partnership has allowed us to support it for over 10 years.

Our in-house team is made up of dedicated WordPress experts to provide the best customer service whenever you need answers.

We even dedicate engineers on our development team to full-time WordPress CORE development. No one powers WordPress better or understands it more than we do. Bluehost is consistently promoted to be the number one web solutions provider.

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3 – DreamHost


About: It’s not just an illusion. It’s our noble cause – an idea that drives everything we do. When you put your dreams online – your words, your photos, your creations – you shouldn’t have to worry about your service provider mining that data for marketing purposes.

Those are your dreams – not ours!

DreamHost’s open platform gives you the power to share your data and the freedom to control how it is used.

We believe in a world where people have the freedom to choose how digital content is shared, and we promote your success by providing an open web platform of choice.

DreamHost proudly hosts over 1.5 million websites, WordPress blogs and apps for designers, developers, small businesses and more.

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4 – DigitalOcean


About: We’re on a mission to simplify cloud computing so developers and their teams can spend more time creating software that changes the world.

DigitalOcean is a values-driven organization.

Here’s what we believe: Start by defining the problem. Have the courage to approach a problem from a different perspective. Plan ahead, but act decisively.

Consider that the simplest approach is often the best, acting respectfully can mean anything from recognizing a colleague’s hard work to embracing diversity, it means valuing your co-workers’ opinions as much as ensuring that controls can fully participate .

Promote an environment where people are encouraged to share their ideas, feelings and opinions.

Make your needs known and make other people’s work easier.

Listen how you would like to be heard.

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5 – Inmotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting-logo

About: While InMotion Hosting has amazing hardware, our true talent comes from our associates.

Our team of web hosting experts average 4 years of professional hosting experience.

Additionally, all of our support staff undergo a rigorous in-house training program – no support associate can manage our chat, phone or support emails unless they have at least 160 hours of in-house training on subjects like LAMP, email clients, CentOS and everything in between.

If that’s not enough, our management team is made up of technology experts with over 10 years of experience in web hosting.

We also strive to keep our associates happy through group outings, free lunches, annual picnics and more – because we know that a happy partner is more likely to treat a customer well.

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6 – Hostwinds


About: Hostwinds controls all our infrastructures, such as servers, systems and structures, completely. Owning all of our equipment allows us to pass these savings on to our much appreciated hosting customers.

It would be better if you didn’t have to pay an exorbitant price for your hosting requirements, and it is Hostwinds’ mission to deliver that for you.

Most international web hosting companies rely on third parties to provide their services, but not Hostwinds.

Our trusted services are operated entirely by us. There is no waiting for a middleman when it comes to your ongoing hosting needs at Hostwinds.

Hostwinds knows that all of our customers have different hosting needs.

Whether you need shared web hosting or a cloud server, we want to provide you with the very best.

That’s why we continue to invest in ourselves to ensure our customers are taken care of forever.

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7 – A2 Hosting

a2 hosting-logo

About: Over the years, many customers have told us they wish they had found us sooner. We’re glad you found us and are interested in learning more!

We started in 2001 when our CEO, Bryan Muthig, used his solid background and experience as a UNIX systems administrator to launch A2 Hosting (originally called Iniquinet).

We’ve been independently owned ever since!

While A2 Hosting was originally launched as a hobby, it was evident that this side venture would grow into something more.

From our roots in a two-bedroom office in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to handpicked best team members and data centers located around the world.

From hosting a few websites for a few friends and family to hosting thousands of prominent websites.

From the Shared Hosting offer to a complete and fully scalable product line, with Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server solutions.

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